Built on a foundation of love, faith and altruistic advocacy, Haven on Earth — A Place for Rest, Refuge and Restoration — is the Angel Mission of founder Ellen Mendoza Church. We are driven by what we believe is a duty to humanity, working to overturn and reverse the damages inflicted upon the child workers of the world’s sex trade. We’re exceptionally motivated in our campaign to protect and nurture the young girls and women of the world. Through organizational sponsorships and charitable donations, Haven on Earth acts as an all-encompassing resource for those affected in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Restoring their bodies and their souls through Christian endeavors, our team seeks to empower present and past sex trade workers while ending the cycle of abuse.

About Ellen Mendoza Church

Compelled by a deep-seated belief that it is God’s purpose for her to be of service to the needs of underserved girls and women, Ellen found her calling while visiting Thailand in 2012. While there, she was deeply affected by her first and glaring exposure to the global sex trade. The effects of the blatant abuse of girls as young as 10-years-old created a drive within Ellen to facilitate change. After traveling to many under-developed countries around the world, working medical missions in Thailand, Panama, and the Philippines, she returned to the states to oversee the creation and implementation of Haven on Earth. Believing her life’s journey has brought her the opportunity of servitude to others, Ellen is driven by her mission to empower and rehabilitate those who have been so negatively affected by what can only be referred to as sexual enslavement.

At Haven on Earth, we are focused on facilitating a brighter future for young girls and women in the Philippines and beyond and request your support. Contact us now to find out how to contribute to our cause.