Believing it is God’s purpose for her to provide assistance to Asia’s most underserved and abused populations, Ellen Mendoza Church began to generate a plan to fundamentally change the future of Filipino women.

With the country remaining one of the worst human trafficking violators in the world, with approximately 100,000 young girls, some as young as ten-years-old, serving within the country’s prostitution rings, the need for far-reaching, foundational transformation is reaching a peak. Calling upon American Christians to become involved in the active dismantling of the global sex industry, through the personal development of the girls themselves, we seek to foster change and growth through directed ministry.

The Angel Missions of Ellen Mendoza Church, Haven on Earth is committed to providing a true way out of prostitution for girls and women of any age. Our all-encompassing approach is designed to transition each girl by addressing their most urgent needs. Our goal is to share the love of Christ through:
● Educational programs
● Healthcare services
● Micro-enterprise opportunities
● Directed ministry and outreach

Find out how to make a true difference in the life of a young girl by contacting the Haven on Earth team. We appreciate any support you can provide while honoring God’s plan for our mission.