It isn’t unusual for citizens of the West’s more affluent countries to ask us “How could they sell their daughters into prostitution? It’s so inhumane.”

Unconscionable to many of us, the practice is actually driven by need, not greed. With few resources and fewer opportunities, families make the decision simply to be able to survive. For many, prostitution runs in the family, with multiple generations earning money for their families through the sex trade. The promise of being able to support their family is often enough to lure pre-teens and teens into the ring.

The continued cycle of poverty is another problematic realm that we seek to drastically alter. Establishing entrepreneurial opportunities within their own communities, we help girls break the financial stranglehold the sex industry has on them. Backed by both Christian organizations and secular or private philanthropists, our investments support micro-enterprise companies, enabling the economic growth of the region. Our goal is to fundamentally transform the long-held cultural beliefs of what a young female is truly worth.

Whether you choose to endorse our Angel Mission as a patron of D&E Aesthetics, who earmarks a portion of each beauty treatment to Haven on Earth fundraising efforts, or prefer to make a donation directly to our non-profit, we appreciate every show of support.

Find out how you can truly make a difference in the life of a young girl or woman by contacting Haven on Earth now. And may God’s blessings continue to lift you and yours.