After just a few months in the sex trade, the most that many of these girls can even hope for is basic survival. They certainly don’t have the luxury of preventative health care. With little to no access to the basics, including birth control or condoms, most trade workers are at risk for a host of illnesses. At Haven on Earth, we’re committed to reversing the trend by providing the girls with resources and access to quality health care.

Working in partnership with local authoritative organizations, the Haven on Earth team is attempting to provide free health care to those caught in the circle of the sex trade. By reducing the number of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and birth defects, we hope to empower these girls and women, by affirming their self-value and life’s meaning. Through preventative measures, the treatment of disease, and ongoing therapies and medications, we believe we can heighten awareness while protecting local communities from the spread of illness.

By partnering with philanthropic organizations and individual contributors alike, we are able to fund the medical needs of many of these young girls and women. We are proud of the efforts of D&E Aesthetics and their commitment to our cause, giving a portion of every beauty treatment to Haven on Earth. Your support, added to theirs, can provide much-needed health care services and more to girls and women of all ages, throughout the Philippines and into other areas of Asia.

Your financial backing and resources are instrumental to the successful implementation of our mission, and we implore you to allow God to guide you in this decision to protect his children across the globe. A solution is just a blessing away. Be that blessing to a girl in need. And may God bless you in all that you do.