Sporadic, unreliable and antiquated — what serves as education in the villages surrounding Manila, and even in the city itself, is severely lacking. But unfortunately, even the most primitive resources are often unavailable to those girls who have been subjected to a life within the country’s infamous prostitution rings.

With an estimated 100,000 girls being bought and sold within the Filipino sex industry, the social, cultural and economic future of the country’s female gender, as a whole, faces drastic ruination, due to the overwhelming lack of educational resources. Though the country’s human trafficking laws have become much stronger and more punitive, the education and support of the victimized workers continue to lack a solid foundation and resources.

At Haven on Earth, we believe education must be the first step towards reversing the cultural norm of selling young girls into prostitution. Working with Christian missionaries and other organizations, we strive to improve the knowledge base of both current and prior sex workers. Our most pressing goal is to empower these girls to believe they deserve a better life, giving them the confidence that only a strong education can provide.

Your help is what we need to advance our cause and to limit the lasting damage suffered by the country’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Find out more about how you can help by contacting the Haven on Earth team.