Driven by compassion, bound by integrity, the Haven on Earth family was established for the sole cause of helping young girls recover from the ravages of Asia’s sex trade. Our aim is to assist those girls who have been forced to work the trade through educational resources, healthcare services, micro-enterprise opportunities, and Christian ministry. We hope to offer our services to as many girls as we can in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, empowering them with hope, faith and belief in a better future. We implore you to take part through charitable donations to Haven on Earth. The future of the world’s youth depends on you.

Our Angel Mission

At Haven on Earth, we hope to destroy the mental and physical bonds that keep young Asian girls tethered to the sex trade in the Philippines and other Asian countries. According to the United Nations and the International Labor Association, an estimated one million children under 18 years old and, as young as 8 years old, work as prostitutes in all of Asia. It is imperative that we converge as Christians in an effort to eradicate this scourge on humanity. Our goal is to start with the personal development of the girls themselves, helping them to see themselves as valuable spirits, worthy of a future outside of the sex industry. Supported by charitable donations and organizational resources, Haven on Earth is committed to providing much-needed health care services, education, financial outlets and Christian discipleship. We’re compelled by the belief that we’re following God’s purpose for us, serving the underserved girls and women of the world, creating a better future for us all. Join us in our Angel Missions by contributing to our cause now. And may God bless you.